Project Team

Institute of Botany Czech Academy of Sciences

Team of the Institute of Botany combines the Department of Invasion Ecology and Departmant of GIS and Remote Sensing, creating an ideal background for the project thanks to broad experience in invasive species ecology and remote sensing methods. Team members are for a long-term involved in both invasive species and detection and monitoring using historical aerial data and satellite imagery. 

Jana Müllerová
Principal investigator, applying GIS and remote sensing methods in vegetation and landscape ecology, and specializing on detection of invasive species. She is working with giant hogweed species for decades.

Michaela Vítková
is engaged in studies of invasive species, their ecological requirements, impact on surrounding vegetation and soil, and possibilities of erradication. In the project, she is responsible for the field data acquisition and involvment of nature protection authorities as potencial users. She is specializing in black locust.

Josef Brůna
focussing on GIS and remote sensing applications, specialising in object-oriented image classification. In the project, he is involved mainly in remote sensing data processing, but participates in other parts of the project as well, e.g. field survey.

Institute for Aerospace Engineering BUT Brno

Institute for Aerospace Engineering deals with education in the field of aeronautics, development and testing of aircrafts and aeronautical technologies. We have a long-term experience with development, generation and operation of both piloted and unmanned aircrafts. Within this project we are responsible for the UAV data acquisition and are developing a new unmanned system optimalized for invasive species detection. Institute for Aerospace Engineering is part of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering of Brno University of Technology (BUT).

Petr Dvořák
Project investigator for BUT Brno, has over 20 years of experience with unmanned aircraft systems. Apart from development and system integration of UAV he deals with numerical aerodynamics and aerodynamic optimalization.

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Tomáš Bartaloš

Senior remote sensing and GIS specialist qualified in data analysis and processing, particularly in application of different techniques, methods and approaches for automatic and semi-automatic image classification and operational mapping.